North Cape Helicopter and ATV Adventure

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Heli- ATV

Helicopter and ATV Adventure

We believe every traveller will be thrilled by this helicopter sightseeing and ATV adventure. It entails a combo package of a helicopter tour Norway that will stop at the mount of Honningsvåg. From that point, we jump on waiting ATVs and take on the spectacular trails and pathways of Magerøya, circling back around to Honningsvåg Center.

This is not any typical sightseeing adventure. After the wondrous air views, everyone gets up close and personal with some the region's beauteous nature. This is a rider's ride.

For pricing and further details about this helicopter sightseeing Norway trip combined with ATV, contact us by e-mail ore call us

at +47 476 77 123.

HeliTours AS

Honningsvaag Airport

Honningsvaag 9751


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